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Our history

Christchurch Cleaning Supplies Ltd was established in 1980, by Richard Pinnington and another gentleman. Richard used to be a commercial cleaner, who realised there wasn't enough options available for purchasing cleaning supplies in Christchurch. So turning that thought into a reality, they decided to open their own cleaning supplies business. After a few years of operating, Richard bought into the whole company and became the sole owner. Richard was the first and only one to start working in the business, but the company has now grown to a staff of 13.

Richard sold the company to his daughter, Jessica Pinnington-Pilet (who has worked in the company for over 14 years) and his son-in-law, Troy Pinnington-Pilet (who has worked in the company for over 8 years) in April 2015. Richard decided it was time to step back and start putting his energy more into himself and his family. He still works 2 days a week at Christchurch Cleaning Supplies and enjoys having no responsibilities or pressure on his shoulders!

Jessica and Troy have a passion for the family business, and want to keep it the success Richard has made it. Jessica and Troy have 2 sons, who they hope might one day decide to get involved in the family business. Jessica said it is a joy and honour to be able to continue something her father has put his heart and soul into.

But no business can be successful without the help of their staff. At Christchurch Cleaning Supplies, they are lucky to have a wonderful, loyal and hard working team! The staff are like a family of their own. With majority of staff being there for over 5 years, they have formed a close family-like relationship. So not only is it a family owned business, but it is a family run business with all the staff being apart of that family!



Our Team

Jessica Pinnington-Pilêt - Managing Director

Troy Pinnington-Pilêt - Managing Director

Richard Pinnington - Sales & Purchasing

Stuart Frost - Sales Representative

Julie Foster - Sales Representative

Gary Tyson - Sales Representative

Myrtle Davey - Administration

Katrina Pinnington - Administration

Bill Lawton - Customer Service

Darren Crocker - Customer Service

Iain McLachlan - Warehouse Storeman

John Bacon - Warehouse Storeman

Glenn Van Der Busse - Delivery Driver



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